Custom Photo Bracelet Braided Rope 925 Silver Bracelet

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Custom Micro-carving Photo Projection Bracelet allows you to engrave your favorite picture in the center and projecting it to say "I Love You" in 100 kinds language.

Tell someone special how much you love them with this stunning message-projecting bracelet. Simply hold the bracelet up to a light source, and it will project the words "I love you" in one hundred different languages. 

Best gift for birthday, Anniversary gifts, Wedding gift, Memorial, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas Day, Friends gifts, could also be a Best Gift for Mother, Mom, Girlfriend, Present from Daughter, Kids. The perfect bracelet for everyday wear. 

Flexible Bracelet Length: 15.5-26cm
Material: 925 Silver
Process: Rose Gold Plated
Chain Type: Rope Chain

Color: Khaki,Black

Pack: Premium Gift Packaging

2 Operation Ways

• Camera of cell phone

1. Open Mobile Photo software

2. Aim the micro relief of the pendant at the camera lens of the mobile phone

3. See the micro sculpture content from the mobile screen

 Flashlight of cell phone

1. Turn on the flashlight

2. Align the micro relief of the pendant with the flashlight

3. It is recommended to project light onto a black background more clearly