Custom Photo Projection Sun & Moon Couple Necklace 925 Silver

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Custom Photo Projection Sun & Moon Couple Necklace allows you to engrave your favorite picture in the center and projecting it to say "I Love You" in 100 kinds language. These sun & moon couple necklaces are designed in the romantic classic Sun & Moon shape and inlaid with circle gemstones, which represent true love. There are magnets inside the pendants, which attract each other when they are approaching. This is more than a necklace, it is also an excellent keepsake of love that shining with a soft long-lasting luster.


A photo of your best moments with our Personalized Photo Projection Sun & Moon Couple Necklace, you can wear every day. This unique necklace is the perfect gift for loved one. And it can perfectly meet your needs in various festivals, such as birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, or Christmas.



Material: 925 Silver

Photo Color: Full Color / Black and White

Pendant Size: 

Woman-Sun: 15mm(H)*15mm(W)

Man-Moon: 22mm(H)*22mm(W)

Chain Length: 45-60 cm (17.7-23.6 inch)

Pack: Premium Gift Packaging

Note: The size of the product is manually measured and there might be some differences.


2 Operation Ways

• Camera of cell phone

1. Open Mobile Photo software

2. Aim the micro relief of the pendant at the camera lens of the mobile phone

3. See the micro sculpture content from the mobile screen



• Flashlight of cell phone

1. Turn on the flashlight

2. Align the micro relief of the pendant with the flashlight

3. It is recommended to project light onto a black background more clearly