Personalized Hand Stamped Dog Memorial Keychain ​with Bones Pendant

$ 29.95 USD    
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   Final Price: $29.95


Material: Titanium Steel / Sterling Silver


The key ring measures 25 mm.


The main tag measures 32 mm.


The bone tag measures 20 mm.


You can personalise this keychain with your own names, also can personalise this piece by changing the words. 


This piece is made of sterling silver as it is super lightweight, does not tarnish and has a lower chance of reacting to your skin. You can also choose titanium steel.


Each piece is hand stamped which means that each letter, number, symbol and design is stamped at one time by hand. Because my stamped jewellery is handmade,some letters may not be 100% perfectly aligned or all the same depth. This makes each piece completely unique and special.

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