Personalized Pet Photo Sketch Necklace

$ 45 USD    
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   Final Price: $45


Catch Sweet Moment with Your Lovely Pet

Carve a photo of your pet and let it always be with you in the best moment. Maybe your pet has gone or is getting old, but the love between you will not be forgotten. Your pet will be vividly present on the pendant, with its name or what you want to say on the back.


Of course, you can also choose to customize people, landscapes, maps, symbols or other things that have special meaning to you. We can make them into your favorite small accessory.


We will charge the same fee for one person, two people or even three people, so please feel free to customize your sketch necklace.


For some full-body pictures (especially pictures of standing adults), we will use the half-length portrait form when making the sketches of people.

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